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Armagnac X.O. (refill)

Armagnac X.O.

Aged 10 Years

Our brandy from the Armagnac is full of character and matured for 10 years in wooden casks. A matchless aroma formed by this long and intensive fusion between distillate and wooden cask.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.

Armagnac X.O. 25 years (refill)

Armagnac X.O. 25Y

Aged 25 years

Twenty five years to mature is a very long time but this is how our excellent Armagnac aquired its complex taste and aroma. Selected oak barrels and the winemaker's patience has created an armagnac of a special density, smoothness and harmony.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.

Calvados Napoleon - 16 years old (refill)

Calvados Napoleon

Aged 16 years

If all apples could choose a king, they probably would crown our old calvados. It gets its unchallenged top quality from a blend of wines of selected calvados spirits, which youngest part at least have to show 16 years of maturation and storage period in oaken casks. In a wide bodied brandy glass - affectionately accompanied by the warmth of your hand - it fascinates with its varied composition of honey notes, caramel, spices and a touch of apple on leaving. Perfect for a stylish finishing the day or as a cultivated digestive.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.

Cognac Napoleon (refill)

Cognac Napoleon

matured in oak barrels for at least 12 years

This Cognac is full of character having been matured in oak barrels for at least 12 years. A kingly spirit, which isn't simply drunk, but rather enjoyed, even celebrated.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.

Cognac X.O. (refill)

Cognac X.O.

Region Grande Champagne, Aged 13-18 Years

Its wonderful warm colour tells about its storage of 13 to 18 years in oaken casks, about sensitive merging up to a real cognac composition and about gradual creation of complex aromas and soft leaving. Such a grandiose history reveals itself at its best with a good cigar, as a marvellous digestive or as a pleasant ending of a successful day. An elegant result like this cognac can only originate from the Champagne, more detailed from Grande Champagne, where producing of cognac is known as a masterly art.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.

Old Calvados Reserve X.O. - 6 years old (refill)

Old Calvados Reserva X.O.

Aged: 6 Years

Matured 6 years in oaken casks this calvados, with its amber color and a classic aroma, may be a dream for the connoisseur.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol